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We founded M.A.D Academe as a safe and friendly place for parents to come together, share their own experiences, and enable everyone to create an enjoyable and stress-free parenting journey. A safe space for new parents to seek support and advice, and for experienced parents to share the knowledge they have learned through their own parenting journey.

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Our Workshop & Services

mindfulness workshop

Mindfulness is a skill that can offer so many benefits to your little one’s development, and as a new parent, engaging with mindfulness can also help you make the most of the parenting experience and journey. To this end, you may want to consider enrolling our mindfulness workshop.

During the workshop, we

  • cover all aspects of mindfulness
  • implement it into your own parenting journey
  • give essential mindfulness tools
  • grow and develop your own mindfulness skills

Book club

Being a parent is something that undeniably comes with challenges, and there’s no “one size fits all” approach. After all, everyone parenting style is different, and the best options for them and their child may be different from the strategies used by other parents.

As such, we founded our book club to help you

  • spend time with other parents
  • get relaxation time
  • through your parenting journey
  • share new parenting tips, tricks and experiences

Coaching for Parent or Child

Our coaching sessions can help parents to overcome parenting challenges. We also have coaching sessions for children who need to decide which aspiration path they should take.

In this coaching package, you will be

As Parent

  • Coached on how to deal with parenting challenges
  • Explore creative ideas and possibilities in parenting journey
  • Any other topics (e.g. career, relationship, life, etc.) that you would like to be coached on

As Child/Teen/Student

  • Encourage to find your aspiration
  • Explore various personalised pathways
  • Explore creative ideas and possibilities

    Parenting with a coaching mindset

    At our “Parenting with a coaching mindset” program, parents will learn coaching tools in communicating with their children. These tools are simple, yet powerful parenting techniques in developing children and communicate them. These tools will give parents the confidence to help their children overcome their challenges and build a strong, loving and respectful relationship with their children.

    At this program, parents will be able to

    • Distinguish the role of Expert and Coach in parenting
    • Recognise the implication of being an Expert and Coach in parenting
    • Use the coaching tools in your daily conversation with your children

      Parents as a Coach

      At our “Parent as Coach” program, we empower parents to be coaches for their children as we educate them on simple, yet powerful parenting techniques. These techniques will give parents the confidence to help their children overcome their issues and build a strong, loving and respectful relationship with their children.

      At this program, we will

      • help parents practice in playing the role of coaches
      • explore various creative and fun ways in coaching children
      • discuss and share coaching concept and tips as a parent
      • practice coaching skill as a role of parent, child and more

      What parents say about us?

      I thoroughly enjoyed my coaching sessions with June, finding her pleasant and easy to talk to. I felt comfortable sharing my dilemmas, goals, and concerns, and her method of prioritizing aspects of my life helped me gain clarity and create a plan for daily integration. I learned to assess the importance of different factors and achieved a new perspective after each session. This learning will be beneficial both personally, in understanding what matters most to me, and professionally, in planning wisely and achieving a work-life balance that prioritizes family. Overall, these five sessions were fruitful for me.R.C, United State (Coaching) – Share with permission

      Since I wanted to take some time off work, I decided to go to the play workshop with me child and was glad to find out that the workshop allowed me to get to know my son better. I would go again the next time I take time off with my son.

      Davier Low

      Have been to several workshops by M.A.D Academe and have met many parents over the weeks. Now we bring our children to hang out together often and share our parenting worries with one another. Great support and community by MAD Academe.

      Pauline Tan

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      We offer various types of workshop for parents and share new knowledge that would aid parenting journey and the growth of their children. Join our workshop and meet parents who are facing the same difficulties and learn from their experience while sharing yours.